3 Reasons to Go Off-roading in Your Jeep

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 Overview:People have different reasons to go off-roading — find out if yours is on this list!

Off-roading needs three main things to make it a success: a durable vehicle, vast natural landscapes, and a robust desire for adventure. It’s one of those things that, no matter it’s origins, it’s bound to be exhilarating. So we’ve searched the internet to find some of the top reasons people go off-roading — from industry leaders to your average Jeep owner who just wants to experience life to its fullest.


“It is the most fun you can have going 5 mph behind the wheel of a car.” Sharon Silke Carter, Editor-in-chief (Yahoo)

Much like what Yahoo’s Editor-in-chief said, the adventure behind off-roading is probably the common reason where being in the “wild” promotes a sense of adventure, and adventure is satisfied by being in the wild.

In their article, Siberian 4×4 explains that pioneers of the past had to forge their own trails and beat their own paths through miles of untouched land when they wanted to go somewhere. “It’s this very same sense of adventure that has put the love of off-roading in many people’s hearts,” they elaborate.

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Look at that! Another 2-in-1 reason! Off-roading parks are often located in remote areas without cell reception, making for a great opportunity to re-connect with friends or family members you bring along for the ride in a distraction-free environment.

Did you know? Spending time outdoors can help lower blood pressure and cortisol levels in your body (we can thank Harvard Health Publishing for the research).

If walking in nature for just 90 minutes can lower activity in the prefrontal cortex part of the brain (that’s the area that tends to repeat and dwell on negative emotions) then imagine what mental-health benefits someone could reap with off-roading!

You can read more about the scientific (and non-scientific) reasons here.


With fording rivers, dirt-tracking, snowy slopes, or even rock crawling, it’s no surprise that driving through the trials will definitely need an upgraded driving skill. One reason most off-roaders continue this recreational activity is to hone their driving skills.

Anyone will be able to enhance their driving skill as they navigate through rough roads, rocky trails, or mud pits when off-roading.

You can fall in love with the thrill of driving again while developing more connection with both the road and your vehicle. (Source)

Now what are some Average Joes saying about off-roading?

One person explains that the challenge off-roading gives their vehicle. Many off-roader enthusiasts have customized their vehicles for that very reason, so being able to “see if it is capable enough and durable” is exciting.

Driving over and through obstacles that wouldn’t even be possible with our own legs is fascinating.

“I spent thousands of dollars building and upgrading my main off road truck to be able to handle any obstacle and sometimes it’s only my ability as a driver which will get me through it or not through it.” Take a look at this person’s full explanation here.


While there are many reasons people enjoy off-roading, we’d say this Quora user summed it up pretty well in their comment:

• Being able to get places where you sometimes wonder if anybody has ever been. Remote places that go far past a well tracked Forest Service Road.
• To enjoy the views due to the places I can get with my Jeeps.
• Challenge of driving my vehicle to its absolute limits of suspension capability.
• The ability to track thru areas where every other vehicle wouldn’t have traction. Where it doesn’t look like a vehicle could ever get up, over or into.
• Peace and quiet (once we shut off our engines).

Honestly, sometimes you just want to get a close-up view of the mountains and feel the mud under your shoes. Other times, experiencing that riveting sense of adventure can only be quenched by the great outdoors.

So take your rig out for a drive on unsurfaced roads and through the rough terrain like you own the land!

At Insane Audio, we know that no matter what your insane reason is for off-roading, it’s never too late or too early to take to the roads!

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