Insane Audio is proud to present our all new JL3001, the ultimate head unit for your Jeep Wrangler JL or JT Gladiator. Insane Audio’s JL3001 is built tough, packed with technology and ready for wherever your next adventure takes you. Insane Audio’s JL3001 is IP66 waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and entirely solid state with no moving parts. A big, beautiful, 9” high definition touch screen display is perfectly integrated within your dash. Insane Audio’s JL3001 comes pre-loaded with Insane NavEngine for on and offroad navigation with full 3D topography right onboard. With support for over 3.8 million apps, you can download your favorite apps directly to your Jeep. Put simply, Insane Audio’s new JL3001 is an entirely new level of awesome and is ready to rock your rig!

The JL3001 is custom designed for all Jeep Wrangler JLs and Gladiator pickups. This means it fits like a glove, looks like it belongs and everything you need for a simple, straightforward install is in the box. No need to cut or modify any of your Jeep’s wires. Insane Audio includes a plug and play wiring harness so installation is a breeze and realistically take around 15min. This is a fully integrated product so your steering wheel controls work right out of the box. Climate controls are fully integrated as are any OEM cameras.

The JL3001’s 100% solid state design means no moving parts for a reliable, durable product. Our next generation CPU architecture is lightning fast to keep things running smoothly. Insane Audio’s JL3001 has Apple CarPlay onboard as well as Android Auto. But more importantly, we are able to run our own apps. With access to over 3.8 million apps on the Google Play Store, you can download your favorite apps directly to your Jeep for an entirely new level of awesome.

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Free Shipping & Lifetime Technical Support
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A Perfect Fit

The JL3001 is custom designed for Jeep Wrangler JLs and Gladiator pickups..
Installing the JL3001 is easy and completely plug and play. No cutting, no crimping, no splicing wires, no dash kits, no BS. We provide step-by-step instructions with photos for opening your dash, removing your old unit, and installing your sexy, new JL3001. Installation realistically takes about 15min.
The JL3001 is designed for perfect OEM fitment and styling, which means this aftermarket upgrade looks like it came straight from the factory.
The JL3001 communicates with your Jeep via a CanBus module. Lucky for you, this CanBus module speaks Jeep, so there’s no need to program anything. Steering wheel controls work right out of the box. Climate controls are fully integrated.

Insane Navigation

Whenever the trail takes you, let Insane NavEngine be your guide.

Insane Technology

Solid State

The JL3001’s 100% solid state design means no moving parts for a reliable, durable product.

Open Platform

With access to over 3.8 million apps on the Play Store, you can download your favorite apps directly to your Jeep.

Bluetooth 4.0LE

Pair your phone, connect to the included OBDII adapter for live engine data or even control multiple accessories or wireless switch relays through compatible devices.

Blazingly Fast

Our next generation CPU architecture is ridiculously fast. We pair that with 4GB of RAM to keep things running smoothly.

Onboard WiFi

Connect to your phone’s existing data plan with a personal hotspot or any WiFi network.

9” HD Touchscreen

A big, beautiful, 9” high resolution capacitive touchscreen means you can watch HD movies and use touch gestures, just like a smart phone.


How smart is
your Jeep

Insane Audio’s products are fully compatible with your smartphone, regardless of if you use an iPhone, Android, or something else. Insane Audio’s all new JL3001 has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto onboard, but our products do SO MUCH more. Right out of the box, all insane Audio products can run just about any of the millions of apps available. This is a game changer!

How does it Work?


Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays with unlimited data. It’s as easy as turning your smartphones mobile hotspot feature on, and your Insane Audio head unit will connect to your existing data plan. No need to pay for any extra lines or subscriptions, and now your Jeep is fully connected. Whether you want to view satellite imagery, voice control Spotify, or stream YouTube videos on the go – it’s all possible with Insane Audio.


Using the included ODB2 Bluetooth adapter, you can view live engine data, create fully customizable gauges and dashboards, and even view and clear engine codes through the Torque app. Check Engine light, begone!

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Insane Audio’s products support a front facing camera, a backup camera and can even wirelessly control a GoPro. If you already have OEM cameras, they will automatically be integrated. If not, you can add them with ease. Better yet, you can even record from your cameras to capture all the action from that gnarly trail ride.


Choose any color of the spectrum for your button backlights, customize button functions, add weather, news, or other widgets to your home screen, select from all kinds of live wallpapers and custom launchers. We know you love to customize, so go ahead, make it yours!

Voice Control

Use Google Assistant to make hands-free calls, play a specific song on Spotify or other music players, or even control your smart home appliances. Just say “OK Google” and the magic happens!

Feature Summary

We know it’s a lot to take in. So here’s a summary of all the awesomeness that is the JL3001.
Plug and play
  • Fits all JL Wranglers and JT Gladiator pickups
  • Perfect Factory Fitment
  • Plug and Play Wiring Harness no cutting or soldering wires
  • LED Backlighting fully customizable to any color
  • Fully integrates with OEM or aftermarket Backup Camera
  • Fully integrates with OEM or aftermarket Front Camera
  • Works with steering wheel controls where equipped
  • Full climate control integration
Audio + Compatibility
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) onboard
  • 15 Band Graphic Equalizer
  • High Quality, 64bit Digital Audio Processing module
  • Premium Built-in Amplifier works with all Factory Sound Systems (Including OEM premium audio options)
  • Dedicated PreAmp Outputs for your own Aftermarket System
  • Separate Subwoofer Output with Integrated Volume Control
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto onboard
  • Compatible With Waze for traffic
  • Compatible with Spotify, Pandora, Netflix and literally millions of other apps
  • AM/FM Radio with Plenty of Presets
  • Bluetooth Phone and Audio Streaming
  • Android 9.0 (Pie) Onboard- download your own apps directly to your jeep
  • Blazingly Fast next generation CPU architecture
  • Onboard WI-FI
  • Bluetooth 4.0LE with support for Multiple Accessories
  • 9” High Resolution Capacitive Touch Screen Display
  • Onboard Diagnostics with Custom Gauge Displays
  • View and even clear Engine Fault Codes
  • Multiple USB ports Multiple Aux Inputs & Outputs
  • MicroSD card Slot supporting up to 512GB of Music or Movies
  • HDMI Outputs
Built for the Trail
  • On and Offroad Navigation with 3D Topography
  • IP66 Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Strong Electronic Shock Protection
  • Entirely Solid State with No Moving Parts
  • Insane NavEngine onboard with USA and Canadian maps, trail maps and 3D topography included
  • Support for onboard Satellite Imagery
  • Backed by Insane Audio’s 3 year limited warranty
  • Includes Lifetime Technical Support from Insane Audio with Free Software Updates
  • Compatible with GoPro App for Wireless Control of your GoPro