Radio Booster for JK Series

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Want better AM/FM radio reception in your rig? If you’ve already got Insane Audio’s android powered JK2001 or JK1001, then IARBOOST is your answer!

Out of the box, Insane Audio’s JK head units use your Jeep’s existing AM/FM radio antenna to receive stations and is designed to perform just like that old stock head unit. That’s all good, but why settle for stock performance when you can upgrade?

Insane Audio’s IARBOOST is an accessory that converts your existing vehicle’s radio antenna into a high powered radio receiver and is a direct plug and play replacement with no cutting or splicing wires. Simply plug IARBOOST into your JK1001 and connect your factory antenna to the adapter cable and you’ll be rocking out to radio stations from two towns over.

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  • Requires Insane Audio’s I/E JK1001 or JK2001
  • Plug and play
  • Converts your existing antenna into a powered AM/FM antenna
  • Pull in more radio stations
  • Clear up static on your current radio stations
  • Replaces wiring harness that comes with I/EJK1001