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Experience free over the air high definition digital television right in your dash!

InsaneTV is a digital television module that plugs into the back of Insane Audio’s DD2001, JK2001, JK1001, TJ1002, FJ1001 or FJ1002.

InsaneTV uses ATSC which is the same as what you would use on a set top box at home. This means that you’ll get a full range of channels and will be able to receive normal and high definition programming.

InsaneTV will not work when the vehicle is in motion. This is because ATSC is not designed for mobile applications and needs the antenna to be in a fixed location.

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  • Receive high definition digital television right in the dash of your Jeep or FJ Cruiser
  • Requires an Insane Audio head unit
  • Works in the US and Canada
  • Comes with a special ATSC digital television antenna designed to fit perfectly in a Jeep’s roll bar padding
  • Antenna can also be mounted inside your dash and out of sight