Jeep Series: All you need to know about the Jeep Mojave

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Overview: The Jeep Mojave is designed to tackle dunes, rocks, and any obstacle it faces – but learn what else makes this vehicle stand out from competitors

Here’s an opinion: Mojave Jeeps are one of the pioneers of offroad-friendly vehicles on the market. Some people just love driving – and some people love driving even more when there’s an off-road adventure in store, and a nice car to make it happen.

Since off-roading is an adventure where you’re likely to encounter lots of moguls, dunes, jumps, bumps, and hitting the road at high speed, the Mohave Jeep is expected to make things stronger, easier, and softer for you.

Built with a Purpose:

Jeep is an SUV manufacturer designed for slow lumbering and typically steps out of its typical box – that’s why Jeep Mojave feels like a breath of fresh air – thanks to the manufacturer.

In general, individual parts of Jeep cars (such as steering components or axles) are designed to withstand the impacts. On the other hand, the suspension is typically softer to absorb the terrain – keeping Jeeps stable. But the Mohave Jeep is designed for more than just crawling up rocky outcroppings; it’s a beast for dunes and high speed tasks, making it ideal for an off-road adventure.

With respect to the Rubicon and Trail-hawk trims series, we’re all in for the Mojave-specific feature – we like it lot. But Jeep enthusiasts appreciate Mojave, considering the extended wheelbase as one of the most sturdy vehicles – both on off-roading adventures and smooth driving fun. Additionally, the 33-inch tires absorb a lot of trial abuse when you’re on an adventure.  


Mojave Interior:

From the inside, the seats of a Jeep Mojave are integrated with upper bolsters to hold occupants in place. The seats are available in cloth upholstery and leather – depending on the choice of the owner. Both cloth and leather material feature classy orange accent stitching with embroidered Mojave logos on it.

Then there are two interior options to choose from – black or steel gray – while the leather-wrapped steering wheel presents a hard-line design align with the rim section for extra grip.


The Mojave has a one-inch suspension lift, displaying a rough and tough kinda look. For the heavy-duty performance hood of the Jeep Mojave, there’s a distinctive decal, a center scoop, sterling exterior badges, and powerful orange tow hooks – too many adjectives to show our likeness!

The Jeep Mojave rides on 17 x 7.5 inch wheels, featuring jeep performance sand slider rails between the wheels. You can upgrade to the forward-facing camera for a clearer view while driving on an off-roading path.



When standing affront the most challenging competitors, the Jeep Mojave saves drivers $500 in fuel costs. Powered specifically by a standard 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, the Gladiator Mojave produces 285 horsepower, and 260lb-ft of torque.  

The drivers enjoy an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 17 mpg in the city areas, 22 mpg on the highways, and a combined 19 mpg overall. On the other hand, the Ford Raptor comes with an exorbitant twin-turbocharged engine, with no sights set on traversing terrain but instead on dune-running.

Mojave Steering Wheel:

The triangular shape on the wheel’s grip is mixed with additional padding of 10-and-2, making it a winner. The nicest orange stitching with perforated leather looks stellar, giving it a heavily classy look.

Mopar Step Slider:

The step slider hugs the body, as they’re relatively lightweight. And, unlike their peers with rock sliders, these Mojave ones don’t turn into a dune of rust in a few years. While these Mopar Step Sliders cost a few dollars to upgrade, they’re something we would personally use to upgrade our ride. 

The Mopar Step Slider sticks a bit farther out than the standard Rubicon rock sliders, allowing you to use them on the trail without the risk of body damage. These sliders are particularly useful for users who need some extra protection against the bushes, strong trees, and muddy rocks — specifically in the East coast.

In Summary:

The ride quality of Jeep Mojave is an incredible contrast between the street comfort drive or off-road agility. The Jeep Mojave feels light and agile, making it more than just the competition with others in the room.

The best thing about the Jeep Mojave is how it comes with a trail camera for those moments when the large hood blurs the visibility… the camera sure does come in handy.

Without a doubt, the Jeep Mojave paves its way among the best! Follow Insane Audio for more Jeep- and car-related insight!

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