3 Trustworthy Online Stores to Purchase Jeep OEM Parts

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Overview: These credible online stores offer dozens of genuine OEM parts for your Jeep

Some say that Jeeps perform their best by only using OEM parts (“original equipment manufacturer”) that were designed specifically for a particular model. This argument could be made for any vehicle. And it makes sense.

The reason aftermarket parts seem like a good choice is mainly due to them being less expensive. When most customers need a repair, price is the first thing on their minds. That’s why many veer toward aftermarket car parts. Aftermarket parts are made by a third party, and they are often less expensive than OEM counterparts.


That’s the thing about aftermarket parts — there’s no guarantee of quality. You simply can’t really guarantee that these parts have the same quality, dependability, or performance as the originals.

Over our many years in the automotive business, we’ve found that OEM parts are simply more consistent with higher quality overall. You can read more about the advantages of OEM parts by checking out this article here.

However, finding genuine parts for your Jeep could be tricky. So we’ve put together a small list of online stores that sell OEM parts for Jeep. These stores are credible and offer dozens of options, some at affordable or discounted prices!


  1. Mopar: Authentic Parts for an Authentic Drive

“Whether you’ve had your vehicle for a few years or the relationship is new, your vehicle was manufactured for the long haul. Keep it looking and performing at its best with genuine Mopar parts.”

Alongside maintenance and repair parts to keep your vehicle performing at its best, Mopar offers repair parts that have exclusively been engineered for certain manufacturers — and of course Jeep is included. Some parts include:

  • Air conditioning & cooling
  • Fuel systems
  • Engine & engine parts
  • Driveline & transmission
  • Electrical & ignition
  • Steering & suspension

Check out Mopar’s online shop here and here. They have dozens of parts specifically for Jeepm for convenience saving time.

  1. Jeep Parts E-store: Quality Genuine Jeep Parts and Accessories at Discount Prices

We know one of the main points against OEM parts is pricing. Thankfully, this online store sells Jeep parts and accessories at discounted prices. And this website encourages us to not “waste” our money on aftermarket parts “that do not provide the same reliability OEM parts do.”

JeepPartsEstore.com offers amazing discounts on all OEM Replacement Jeep and accessories, offering the lowest online prices in the industry for Jeep parts and accessories.

Popular models Jeep enthusiasts search for on this e-store include:

  • Jeep Compass
  • Jeep Patriot
  • Jeep Gladiator
  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Jeep Renegrade

Shoppers could also search for parts by category, including air conditioner & heating, exhaust, headlamps and lights, and more from the comfort of their home and have the order delivered directly to their doorstep!

Click here to browse the massive store of authentic Jeep replacement parts for your Jeep needs, from 1984 parts to 2021 (and likely 2022 soon)!

  1. Factory Chrysler Parts: Your Source for Factory Jeep Parts

This online store has an extensive inventory of parts and ensures that you’re getting the right parts every time with its experienced professionals who know your vehicle best.

As a leading Jeep parts provider online, “we set ourselves apart from the crowd with our excellent customer service, which you can reach by phone or email.”

So you can get the right parts for the right price, right when you want them, with the store’s simple, graphical parts catalog and fast shipping.

Check out Factory Chrysler Parts here.


You have to consider if the potential benefits of aftermarket parts are worth the potential drawbacks. The choice is up to you, but we prefer to stick with the tried-and-true original equipment manufacturer when we can.

This article brings out another good point: Your aftermarket replacement might be great, or it might be a total lemon – and you usually have no warranty to save you if something goes wrong. Additionally, aftermarket parts may not have a warranty so you would end up owning all the repair costs. Even if you manage to find a better deal for non-OEM parts, you could wind up paying more down the road.

Basically, if you want your Jeep to do what it’s supposed to do, choose OEM parts. OEM pieces cut down on time wasted researching every brand of aftermarket parts and also come with a warranty, so replacement or repair will be covered.

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