Guide to installing the FJ1001 with ease (2006 to 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

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Installing Insane Audio’s FJ1001 into your Toyota FJ Cruiser should be a breeze with these helpful hints and tips

Just about everything is customizable on your FJ1001, so we understand your eagerness to install it ASAP. You can change the icons, add widgets, change the background, etc. Your FJ1001 is even pre-loaded with a bunch of cool widgets (swipe to the far right of the main icon window to access).

There are also quite a few safety features that come pre-enabled on the unit, such as the ability to watch video while driving. And this can all be turned off through the settings icon under “Driving safety.” On this note, before we begin to install the FJ1001 for a customizable Toyota FJ Cruiser (2006 to 2014) we have some words of advice/safety precautions:

• Never attempt to operate the unit or view videos while driving.
• When in doubt, pull over first then do what you need to do.
• While driving, always keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road!
• Disconnect the negative battery terminal before beginning this installation!
• Don’t run with scissors (but you already knew that, didn’t you).
• If at any time during the installation you encounter a wild bear, you should avoid poking it with a stick. They don’t like that, and neither would you.


Opening the dash:

The first thing you would need to do for the installation is open your dash. You would need a Phillips Screwdriver, 10mm socket, and 8mm socket. You need to first remove the radio/center panel side trim pieces.

Look for the Phillips head screw at the bottom of each trim. Remove each screw from either trim and then you should be able to pull the trim. Start towards the bottom of the trim piece and work your way upwards, popping the trim out-clips out of the dash.

Once both trim pieces are removed, you can remove the center dash panel. There is a phillips-head screw on each side of the panel. Remove both screws. Now you can pull the center panel towards you, starting at the top. The panel will automatically tilt down, so pull it down enough to access the radio.

Removing the stock radio:

On the sides of the radio, there are 4 bolts which you can remove with a 10mm socket. Once you remove the 4 bolts, you should be able to slide the radio out without needing to remove the center panel — as there should be more than enough access at this point.

Once the radio is unbolted, slide it forward and unplug the electrical connections from the back. Now you’ll need to remove the two side brackets from your stock radio with the 8mm socket and bolt them to the Insane Audio FJ1001. This is where the fun really starts to happen.

There’s a centering tab on the stock radio that isn’t present on the FJ1001. The 4 holes that are present, however, should line up perfectly. So your goal is to loosely install all 4 bolts and then tighten.

Installing the FJ1001:

Congrats! Your FJ1001 radio is now ready to install! You’ll need to determine which harness you need and plug it into before plugging it into the factory harness. This is also your opportunity to install any of the other included cables and accessories such as the microphone, iPod, USB and RCA harnesses that you plan to use. You’ll also be installing the Wi-Fi antenna and GPS Satellite antenna at this point.

Installing Wi-Fi antenna + GPS satellite antenna + other items:
To install the Wi-Fi and GPS atennas, first find a location to place your GPS receiver. A good spot is typically under the dash board Inclinometer/Compass. You can access that location from underneath and secure the GPS inside it. While we recommend routing the IPod and USB cables to the glove box, they can be put anywhere you prefer.

A good spot to install the microphone is left of the steering wheel because there’s a blank area that could be utilized and placed to your liking. All you need to do is lift the radio into place and plug the harnesses and antenna into the back of it.

As you slide the radio back in, route the wiring behind and under the radio and slide it in all the way to ensure the brackets fit onto the centering tabs next to the top bracket bolt. We’re not going for perfection, but a perfect fit is definitely doable here.

Check operation:

At this point, we recommend checking operation. Turn the key on and let the unit boot up.

• Make sure you have a radio signal.
• Check your accessories, Ipod, USB, Camera, GPS functions.

Once everything is working properly, you can now reinstall the 4 bolts on the radio. Lift your center panel back into place and install the 2 screws and then pop the side trims into place and install the 2 bottom screws.


Once you get your FJ1001 installed, you can always find our Quick Start Guide along with other manuals and information.

Remember that your FJ1001 comes with a built-in Bluetooth microphone, but we also include a complementary high quality external microphone that will provide superior audio quality.

About the mic:
This external mic will work at just about any location, but we do have some recommendations as to placement. Try to keep this mic away from any windows, air vents, or speakers to avoid background sounds or feedback. It’ll plug into the back of the FJ1001 via a 3.5mm headphone jack plug located just to the left of the RCA pigtail.


a. There is plenty of room behind the FJ1001 to neaten any cables.

b. Don’t forget to remove the two shipping screws from the top of your FJ1001.
c. Put your dash back together, reconnect your battery, sit back, and enjoy your new unit.

The FJ1001 is packed with features — so much that the best way to fully get familiar with it is to just go ahead and start using it!

Should you run into problems or need any additional assistance, feel free to drop us an e-mail at and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy your new FJ1001 and we’ll see ‘ya on the trail!

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