FunTreks for JL3001

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FunTreks for JL3001

Post by SherpaJeep » Thu Mar 11, 2021 3:23 pm

Hey Insane Audio (or anyone else who might have figured it out), can you please post some detailed instructions with JL3001 screen shots on how to use funtreks .KML converted files with the NavEngine? I went and bought the book and SD card for my coming Moab trip based on the other post (fun with funtreks) and comments in that thread that it can be used with the JL3001 in the same way but I’m struggling...

I have created the KML files
I have the files loaded to my gps card as described in the other thread
I have my navengine up and running

But the JL3001 screens are not even close to the same as the previous radios versions so I can’t find any tracks, trails, waypoints or POI files to map one and test it out.


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