Wireless Car Play on JK2001 - Easy Install

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Wireless Car Play on JK2001 - Easy Install

Post by Zerethusta » Sat Oct 03, 2020 1:31 pm

About a year ago I bought a dongle off amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07S1 ... UTF8&psc=1) to add wireless carplay (and wired android-auto) to android based head units, and promptly stuck it in the glovebox and forgot to install it.

It was only 30 bucks or so when I bought it, unfortunately the price has just about TRIPLED but I'm sure there are alternatives out there, do your own research sheesh.

Anyway, it's the weekend and I finally remembered what that weird white box was when I was washing the jeep, so I set it up.

Super easy install. If you've got a jk2001 I assume you've got no problem with the 8 screws it takes to get the dash apart and head unit out.

Plug the dongle into one of the USB ports on back (or run an extension cable to the glove box if you want easier device/usb swaps in the future), and install the .apk from their website (for this one i grabbed autokit.apk from http://www.carlinkit.com/softdown), connect via bluetooth on your phone, and there will be some pop ups allowing you to auto-open that .apk when the dongle is detected at startup (aka, auto start when you turn on the head unit). That's your call. I've got it set up for now, we'll see if I change my mind in the future.

That's it. Literally an .apk install, bluetooth connection, and a dongle.

I'll update if I have any issues, but for the 20 mins i let it run while i browsed my phone and updated apps during the rare window i'm actually on wifi with the jk2001 it ran smoothly.

Immediate edit: Just realized Insane Audio has their own version of this dongle for sale. Assuming it's pretty much identical (and probably has actual ENGLISH language support) so go with whatever works, but assuming they're basically identical dongles at least now you've got a user telling you how easy it is to install.

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