Streaming music from the iPhone with Auraldroid player

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Streaming music from the iPhone with Auraldroid player

Post by InsaneAudioSupport6 » Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:29 am


Hey folks, it's Derek here. Now, many of us have iPhones, and there are different ways to get our music and podcasts over to our Insane Audio head unit. Apps like Spotify will run on the head unit just fine, but it takes a while for the all the songs and playlists to update on-the-go, especially when Verizon throttles your data speeds. Our iPhones are almost always up to date, and sometimes we just want to stream that content over to the head unit. Of course, there's the built-in Bluetooth, and that's fine, but did you know that it's possible to stream music through your Wi-Fi hotspot?

Yes, and it's called Auraldroid! This is an experimental app I developed for my own Insane Audio DD2001, but it does work with all Insane Audio head units. The audio quality is exceptional because of the hotspot's really large bandwidth. The full version even supports steering wheel controls. Give it a try by downloading the evaluation version from the Play Store.

Once it's on your head unit, follow these steps:
  • Turn on your hotspot and connect the head unit to it as usual.
  • Make sure Auraldroid is running on the head unit
  • Find and select the Auraldroid speaker in the iPhone's AirPlay list. You can find that in the Control Center or in just about any music player. I like to set up a Shortcut that automates this process.
  • Go to Spotify or Apple Music or your favorite podcast app and enjoy!
You can purchase the remote control feature if everything works and you want to use your steering wheel controls. You can also simply ask Siri to play whatever you want.

If you have an unlimited data plan, then go ahead and choose High Quality in the settings for Spotify or Apple Music or whatever you use in your iPhone, so that you take full advantage of the app's high audio fidelity.

This app is still in development. So feedback is more than welcome!

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