JK2001 - randomly reboots.

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JK2001 - randomly reboots.

Post by Mike » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:25 am

Howdy all, Mike in El Paso here.

SUPPORT DUDES: This is no longer a problem, but the cure is one to note for future reference.

Over the past few weeks I had been experiencing a problem with my JK2001. I had an idea I could work it out on my own, and through a series of steps I did find and correct the error. Since this is supposed to be a knowledge base as well as a help forum, I'll share my issue and final solution.

The problem was the JK2001 would randomly reboot while on the road. This would cause an issue with trying to record a track-log as Back Country Navigator would also quit working. Interestingly enough, the Go-Pro camera would continue in whatever state it was in when the reboot occurred, and the Go-Pro APP would promptly reconnect to the camera when the reboot was complete. Since I was on a 4-day expedition in South-Central New Mexico, I was not in a position to do much.

The first thing I do with any digital device having troubles is a good clean reboot. With the JK2001, the easiest way to do this is to just lift the negative battery cable from your battery and wait a while. We got back to camp, and I pulled the NEG cable while waiting for dinner, then reconnected it before going to bed. The next day the JK2001 was still rebooting.

While out driving on the expedition the next day, the JK2001 continued to reboot from time to time. I tried playing with various programs and settings, but I couldn't define a pattern or cause. Fortunately I had my extremely reliable GARMIN hiking GPS, and it took over all the navigation issues. If I could put a 7 inch screen on the GARMIN GPS-MAP60CSx, I'd use that and forget about the JK2001 for navigation. As good as the JK2001 is, the navigation program is really not as capable as my handheld unit. So with the issue mainly relegated to non-critical status, we continued on the expedition.

Of course there was the possibility of loose connections or wiring. We returned to camp a couple of hours before sunset, and while the wife got dinner going I quickly pulled the JK2001 and disconnected/reconnected all the connections in the hopes that this was the issue. After all, we were bouncing around the desert quite a bit, no telling what may have rattled loose. Unfortunately, the following day was no better, the problem was not fixed.

As is often the case, after our return home other events kept me from further troubleshooting. A wedding, a dog show, and back to work on night shift. But at the next opportunity I was on it again. I knew there was a software update pending on the JK2001, so this was a good time to get at it. The update was installed, and all was well, all my apps were working and I was hopeful. But it was not to be, after a short drive it rebooted again. DAMN!!!

There was only one other thing to check before asking the Support Dudes for a hand. I have experienced Android reboots in a tablet, the cause was a corrupted Micro-SD card. Remove and reformat the Micro-SD card, and the tablet was fine. This was something I couldn't check out in the field, there was no way to format it in FAT32 out there. But at home, not a problem. I was careful to note the music I had on it, and reformatted the 128 GB Micro-SD. Then I loaded my music back on it. I have not been happy with Back Country Navigator anyway, so I did not reload the map tiles.

OUTCOME - Success. The JK2001 has run for 3 days now, 50 or more miles without a problem. The Micro-SD card was corrupted and needed to be reformatted.

Hope someone finds this information helpful.
Mike -- El Paso, Texas.

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Re: JK2001 - randomly reboots.

Post by InSaNeAuDiOSupport5 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 3:38 pm

This is good stuff Mike, thanks for contributing to our knowledge base and for making our job easier!

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