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IHeartRadio App

Post by Jr2769 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:26 pm

Help! So I installed IHeartRadio app and I can’t seem to log in. It’s like the screen is cut off. I tried changing the font size. I tried uninstalling and reinstalled. Nothing is working. Can anyone help?

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Re: IHeartRadio App

Post by InSaNeAuDiOSupport5 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:42 pm

As we’re sure you know, there are literally millions of apps available through the Google Play Store. While most work great with our products, we have no actual control over the apps themselves as these are built by 3rd party developers. What you are describing, unfortunately, is poor application design by some of the apps out there. We suspect, perhaps iHeart Radio made a change to their app. A well designed app should look at the resolution of the screen and orientation (i.e. portrait or landscape) and render properly. This is called responsive UI design.

However, that being said, we actually use the app all the time in one of our test units and it works great. Lots of customers also use iHeartRadio. You can try to temporarily change the screen resolution through IAUtility app.
Go to IAUtility app> click on the three lines on the top left corner of the screen> tap on configuration > toggle between resolutions.

For more information refer to page 52 of the quick start guide: https://insaneaudio.com/manuals/IA_2000 ... urrent.pdf

Note, after changing the resolution, you might want to reboot your head unit.

Additionally, please see if you can find any buttons or options to get past this screen. Also verify you have a good network connection by running a speed test. Sometime poor network speed could cause the app to not load properly.

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