Punk'n Metallic

Jeep Series: All About “That Orange Jeep” — Punk’n Metallic

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Punk’n Metallic Some of the most popular questions to date: Which Jeep comes in orange and/or what is the orange Jeep color? And we’re not mad at it. Back in 2021, Jeep Wrangler fans rejoiced over some flashy new colors after losing some favorite hues (we’re staring hard at you, Punk’n Metallic). So even though the “orange” Jeep has been …

3 Reasons to Go Off-roading in Your Jeep

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 Overview:People have different reasons to go off-roading — find out if yours is on this list! Off-roading needs three main things to make it a success: a durable vehicle, vast natural landscapes, and a robust desire for adventure. It’s one of those things that, no matter it’s origins, it’s bound to be exhilarating. So we’ve searched the internet to find …