Bold 4th of July: Our Top 4 Behind-the-wheel Destinations

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Drive to these places for an adventurous kind of independence this Fourth of July 

Some of the best travel spots for the 4th of July might be right around the corner from you depending on your location. We’re highlighting some of our favorite destination spots to celebrate the July 4th weekend. Prepare for four-wheel drive and fireworks – your ideal road trip destination just might be on the list!

Spot #4: Laughlin, Nevada - Rockets Over The River

Las Vegas isn’t the only fun time a person can have in Nevada. This Fourth of July weekend, experience the full-fledged, sky-lighted glory that Laughlin has to offer just after dark.

Rockets Over The River is an annual fireworks display event that’s free for public viewing. It takes place along the entire Laughlin River Walk (or from your favorite Laughlin hotel if you’re a homebody who likes to watch the thrill from a distance).

“This extraordinary display is one of the most spectacular and unique in the West as the pyrotechnic company launches the rockets into the dark desert sky with the reflection of each colorful explosion shimmering on the Colorado River,” says the VisitLaughlin website.

You can expect patriotic music that’s choreographed to the fireworks and simulcast over speakers by Laughlin hotels and local radio stations alike.

The Facebook page has more information for those looking to get into their car and make a last-minute trip to Sin City.

Spot #3: Santa Barbara, California (Route 33)

This adventure requires a shovel, blankets, and Merlot. Swim trunks and Santa Barbara apparel are also recommended. If you have a Porsche parked around ready to drive, that could also help.

Santa Barbara is more than just a beautiful town; located on the central California coast, it has easy access to some of the best driving roads and dramatic backdrops on planet Earth. You don’t need to believe our word – take a drive yourself down state Route 33 between Maricopa (in San Luis Obispo County, with neighboring Santa Barbara County to the south) and Ojai (in Ventura County, south of Santa Barbara County). Take note of the Mediterranean-style white stucco buildings with red-tile roofs reflect the city’s Spanish colonial heritage. Upscale boutiques and restaurants offering local wines.

What makes Route 66 so great?

Well, we don’t want to undermine the beauty of Route 33. It basically has everything anyone looks for when taking a drive. It rolls across the Santa Ynez Mountains and plunges into the Cuyama Valley in relentlessly interesting ways. That includes midcorner elevation changes, off-camber hairpins, tightening-radius sweepers and straights long enough to hit terminal velocity. It’s 72 miles of pure entertainment.

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Once you’re off the road, wind up in Santa Barbara for one of the best fireworks shows around. It’s not that big, but it’s launched over the city’s harbor and the best viewing sites are from pits dug along the beach. Yes, it’s crowded (and Santa Barbara often gets cold and overcast in July), but there’s nothing else quite like its fireworks show.

Spot #2: Klamath Falls, Oregon

This is hands down one of the best road trip destinations for outdoorsy types (and we figure if you’re reading this article, you’re into some outdoorsy adventures and are looking for something to get into this holiday weekend). Oregon might be your answer.

“If wide-open spaces are what you crave this 4th of July weekend, then head to Klamath Falls, Oregon.” Reader’s Digest recommends this destination for its abundance of fresh air, rivers and lakes along protected wildlife areas, and breathtaking views. “Its get-back-to-nature simplicity is just one reason it’s one of the most romantic weekend getaways in the United States,” says RD. But we know romance isn’t all this place offers.

The sheer thrill that comes with celebrating the Fourth of July shouldn’t be overlooked: The July 4th morning is welcomed with a parade along Main Street through Veterans Memorial Park. And at night, get ready for fireworks at the Klamath County Fairgrounds.

Spot #1: Palm Springs, California

We didn’t necessarily plan to put two spots from California on this list, but the state admittedly has some beautiful places to celebrate the holiday. Not to mention Palm Springs is one of the more doable trips that could be made over the weekend if you’re based in California.

Head east past miles of wind farms, where turbines cast formidable shadows and make an otherwise monotone landscape come alive. Look out for prehistoric creatures on the side of the road; weave your way through what seems like never-ending roads until you finally arrive in Palm Springs.

Here are a list of holiday-specific events you can attend while you’re there:

If you visit Palm Springs, let us know what your most enjoyable part was – we know sometimes the drive there could be more fascinating than the destination itself. And we won’t judge if that’s the case!

Concluding Pointers:

The Washington Post reminds us to avoid traffic during this holiday weekend by traveling on Thursday before 7 a.m. or after 8 p.m., when the roads have cleared up a bit. “It’s also safer to travel on Sunday and Monday, days when many travelers are at their destinations and in the thick of their holiday plans.”

And regarding gas prices: Well, we know the wallet-draining price of gasoline probably won’t stop people from taking a drive to their favorite Independence Day holiday destination. So what can you do to offset those firework-high prices? “If you are driving to your holiday getaway, […] travel at off-peak traffic times or on less popular travel days,” says one spokesperson on this LA Times article, “or that you point your car toward a hidden gem closer to home.”

No matter what decision you make, enjoy your holiday weekend and stay safe. Happy independence, everyone, and happy driving!

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